Researcher - Flexible hours & remote

We are looking for detail oriented researchers interested in becoming part of the ever-expanding Konsus community.

As part of the research team, you will be expected to conduct basic market research and find important online information.

This ranges from compiling a database of possible customers for a business to more complex tasks such as finding a set products offered by companies and finding out specific information such as features and prices or availability.

There will be always clear requirements what you need to do, but you will have to use your own head in some cases to figure out how to do it best. It will be helpful if you are creative in how to do things fast and you know Excel.

These tasks are expected back in a timely manner, while maintaining high quality results.

We offer a steady stream of projects with the freedom to choose when, where and how much you work. Freelancers always have the option to decline a project if they are unavailable.




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